I made a quick trip to New Orleans to attend the Grant & Associates Annual Crayfish Boil. I used to attend with Dad, but this time Jack and I paid a visit.

I arrived the night before to visit with Jack's side of the family, especially the three granddaughters - Catherine and Caroline Sillars and Emma Grant.

Laura, Robbie and Stacie were kind enough to show off their children and they should be very proud of them. I envy Jack having all his children in the same town, but he's my older, evil brother so I forgive him!!!!!!

Laura is my godchild and she has lived in NYC and Chicago, among a few other stops. I was able to visit her a few times, especially in Chicago when Catherine was little. Hey Laura - how about that dinner in New York when Rusty's friends thought "Laura Grant" was my wife, not my niece!!!! That was a hoot.
Robbie arrived late, so he doesn't get in a picture. Stacie maintains her own "Emma Web Site", but it doesn't do justice because it doesn't capture the personality of this young lady.
Caroline is a bit of a camera poser. She could crank up a grin on command, but she grins a lot so I saw a lot of this.
Catherine was harder to capture naturally. She was really into the chocolate ice cream cone that Jodie provided and that happy grin is real.

Emma can identify dinosaurs by name and pronounce ones I had never even heard of. BTW, that one is T-Rex.

Here is a grandfather's moment to remember, although I'm certain that Sarah the cat would like to forget it.
I couldn't decide which of the "quiet Emma" pictures I preferred, so you get both.

There are pictures of the house and the grave site on the next page.

Updated April 13, 2007