Camp Grandma for 2008 took place from July 9 to July 19. Erin brought the girls to Houston and left after a few days, but not before we were able to get all the daughters together. Then it was maximum spoil for a week! We think we did a good job at that.

We have some excellent memories and pictures. Here are a few of them.

Beth and Addison
Caren with the 6 girls!
Breakfast at Pico's is a must.
Ryan, Kyle, Erin and Myra.
Paw-Paw enjoyed moments like this.
Grandma with Addison and Beth in the pool.
Addison loves to eat. Here she is tasting Mom's necatrine and some pear from grandma.
Beth enjoyed the slide that Grandma got for the pool.
Here's Addison in her float with Aunt Myra.
Beth with Aunt Kyle
Addison and her Mom
Updated July 20, 2008