Addison was christened on April 27, 2008 at Blessed Kateri Catholic Church in Santa Clarita, CA.

In addition to that event, we all celebrated Beth's 4th birthday (April 7) and Addison's 1st birthday (May 14) on April 26.

Enjoy the pictures.

Addison didn't mind the water.
The Powell Family and the Deacon
Here are the Godparents. Codi works at ATK and is the house and dog sitter when needed. Rick is faculty at Purdue and was a mentor to both Kirk and Erin.
The VERY proud grandparents.

Addison being annointed with oil.

Codi and Beth light the candle
This picture needs no comment!
Nor does this one.
Just had to add one more.
She can be a charmer!
Updated May 11, 2008