Beth and Erin came to visit and Beth stayed a few extra days so that "her family" could spoil her. She'll be 3 years old next month and has become quite the young lady. Here are a few pictures to remember the visit.
First of all, Beth will be the "Big Sister" come May. Erin certainly had "that glow" and radiated happiness and beauty.
Beth liked the "Big Girl" swing that Me-Paw got for her. She and Mom tested it out first.
Beth wanted "to bounce" and it took me a while to remember what that meant, but I got her in business.
She had fun, but not as much fun as when she conned Aunt Myra into bouncing with her. Here she is showing Myra her gymnastic back bend.

The kitchen opened early (and often).
Cupcakes were plentiful.

She had fun with Aunt Ryan as well.
Come swing, Aunt Kyle!!!
How could you even think about saying, "No"?
And Aunt Debbie would read books whenever we could convince Beth to come inside.
New dogs were everywhere.
Here's Me-Paw's puppy, Spot.
And Kyle and John with Gabriel.
After Rover, Spot must be the most common dog name. Look at the spot on top his head. Perfect name.
Beth liked the spots on his belly, too. He liked the attention. Spot likes everyone but loves Me-Paw.
We tested out the Jacuzzi. It sure felt fine to me.
Updated April 1, 2007