We had a big Thanksgiving in Houston this year. Erin, Kirk and Beth joined us from California and Kyle and John came from Austin.

Caren also visited the Powell's in LA the weekend before and our "French Granddaughter" came to visit Beth. For a cute picture of them, click here.

Beth having fun with her Mom & Aunts.
Beth is always comfortable with Grandma
Robert made sure she had her 1st swing!
And Beth enjoyed walking with Me-Maw.
She liked outside with Aunt Kyle.
And helping Aunt Myra address cards.

Playing on the pillow is great, Aunt Ryan.

So many fun things at Me-Maw's house.
Great Paw-Paw and Beth
Beth and Great Aunt Debbie.
Shades of Myra with pulling the ear lobe.
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Updated December 9, 2004