The family joined us for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

The Powells visited from California. Kyle and John joined us for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Myra spent time with us and the little ones.

Ryan and Debra prepared the turkey (see above) and stuffing under Me-Paw's supervision.

It was an excellent holiday. Enjoy the pictures.

Myra, Addison, Kirk, Erin, Beth, Caren, Walter, Ryan, Robert, Kyle and Debra.
Addison, Erin, Ryan, Beth, Kyle and Myra.
Add in Kirk and John.
I might as well show off the grandchildern first. Beth is growing up way too fast and Addison is as precocious as can be. When she sees a camera, she says, "Cheese." When she sees a phone, she wants to talk to Paw-Paw. I like that a lot.
It was pancakes every morning.
And fascination with the phone.
Beth and Aunt Myra
Beth and Aunt Ryan
Beth and Addison with Grandma.
Beth is articulate, charming and still has those BLUE eyes..
Addison will break a few hearts, too.
Updated April 14, 2009