Addison Jeanne Powell joined the world on May 14, 2007 at 11PM (PDT). Yep, another long wait for the anxious family members, but so what? She's absolutely beautiful, healthy as can be, long fingers, long toes, and these gorgeous, pink cheeks that are dying to be pinched.

While I only made it for dinner on the 15th, it was well worth the quick trip to see Erin and Kirk so proud and happy and of course to see Addison.

And, in case you are wondering about Beth, there are pictures of her being the "Big Sister" and one at the end of her being "Beth".

Well, here she is. Her eyes were DEEP blue for the instant I saw them. Not surprising with Kirk's eye color.
This delivery was happening at 11PM, so Grandma and Beth "camped out" in the hall awaiting the big delivery. Kudos to both.   Beth and Dad take a look at Addison checking out her lungs in the Nursery.
Here's a couple of pictures of Beth checking out Addison with Mom and Dad.
She checks out her hand while Grandma watches.
And finally holds her little sister with some encouragement from Dad.
Here's Beth kissing Addison. The toy is what Beth gave Addison.
And the first picture of the current Powell Family.
Grandma lived through the whole event and loved to cuddle with Addison. That won't be the last time either!  
Caren already taught her how to blow bubbles.
She was only 15 hours old when I got to the Hospital.
And I get some "cuddle time", too.
Oh, and about the special Beth picture. If Addison is 1/2 as photogenic and precocious as Beth, Erin and Kirk will need therapy!!!
That's it for now. Caren and I go back at the end of the month so you can expect more in June.