Christmas was wonderful as we had all the family together this year. The sun was shining (as opposed to last year's snow) and the tree was loaded with wonderful gifts. The Amundsons and Butlers joined us for Christmas dinner and the Spirit of the Season was strong in everyone.

But first we have to look at some pictures of Beth rediscovering the house.

Enjoy the pictures.

Visiting with Deuce.
She still likes to color.
She likes to swing in Me-Paw's swing.
But she likes being in Aunt Myra's lap on a regular swing, too.

OK, time for the Christmas Day Pictures.

Here's what the AM was like.

The room was filled with family and presents for all.
The reigning great-grandparents - Rob and Marge Cardwell
Debra and Diane tried to stay out of the camera's eye....
Dogs were everywhere. Deuce is too big to hide anywhere, but Holly tried to blend into the packages.
And Augie found Deb's lap.
The secret is to hang out with the my Aunts. "What's up?"
What do you have, Dad?
Kirk and Erin try to capture the moment, but.......
Aunt Kyle has a STROLLER!!!!! Yep, the hit of Christmas.

But the temperature was 70o, the sun was shining and Beth put her dress on.

There some neat pictures on the next page.

Updated December 27, 2005