It was 50 degrees on the morning of December 23, but the high temperature was 80 degrees. I heated the pool so Beth and I could swim.

Erin joined her two children in the spa.
Paw-Paw helped Addison with her back kicks.
In fact, both girls practiced. Nothing like Christmas in Houston.
Addison enjoyed swinging.
Here are Caren and Debra with Addison.
And Grandma could also help with Beth and her naps.
Lexi and Addison made friends quickly.
Addison liked her Mom's root beer.
Beth took Mom, Ryan and Kyle ice skating.
They had a lot of fun.
Beth eventually got her confidence and skated without much help.
Her grandparents thought she should be prepared for the cold.
A quiet moment with Aunt Ryan
Here she is entertaining Grandpa (her great-)
Aunt Myra was a hit with both girls.