Brian Butler, Paul Ortiz and I went to Steamboat Springs for a Departmental Retreat. While there we did some fly fishing. Fortunately we had guides from Bucking Rainbow Outfitters and, thanks to them and cooperation from the Weather Gods (highs about 60 degrees and bright sun), we had successful fishing days which led to successful meetings in the evenings.

On Friday we fished the public waters near the Stagecoach Reservoir. Water was clear and the fish were easily visible. Saturday we fished on private waters on a ranch near Phippsburg. Water was deeper and murkier but the fish were a bit heavier. Click Here for a map.

We did rough it with the living accomodations.
It wasn't that bad on the inside.
It was chilly in the mornings but very nice in the afternoons.

Brian and I getting set to catch fish.

Lunching by the river on Friday.

Here's Paul with our two guides, Keith Mikkleson and Ryan Herbert, or Herb as we all called him.
They were great and kept us fishing and laughing the whole time.

It was all very beautiful.
And I did catch fish. This was the last one of the day.
Updated November 2, 2008