I was invited to Bonn, Germany by the DFG to sit on a research committee and spent about 3 days before returning home. One flies to Frankfurt and takes a train to Bonn. The city train takes 2 hours but goes along the Rhine and past the many castles that dot the area. It drops you at the train station in downtown Bonn. This map shows the geography.

I took the high speed train (300 km/hr) from the airport to Siegburg which is on the other side of the Rhine. No beautiful geography, but only 37 minutes!


Here is the Beer Garden that was part of my hotel. Nice view and I spent a fair amount of time there.
Since it was on Kaiserplatz, you need a Kaiser!


The Pope was in Cologne, about 30 miles up the road from Bonn. There were an additional 100,000 youth in Bonn (population ~300,000) the day before on their journey to see the Pope and all the churches were crowded.

  The Jesuits managed to have the least distinctive church from the outside but a glorius one from the inside as the pictures below show you.

The church was built in the late 1600's. That's OLD!!!   I walked down to the Rhine and took this picture to the South from the area of the Kennedybrücke which connects Bonn and Beuel.

And here's a view back to Bonn from Beuel.


I include this picture just to let the family know that being in Germany doesn't mean abandoning Pico's or Ninfa's. (I didn't eat here!!!!!)