Ryan and Myra picked the same day to graduate, but only Ryan walked.

We went up Friday to Austin to have a family dinner and then watch the Graduation Ceremony for Ryan. Then we packed her up and now she's ready to go to graduate school in Houston.

We celebrated with Myra Saturday night and she starts work right after Memorial Day. She has graduate school plans also, but only after some work experience.

Friday Night was dinner at Cafe Jezebel in downtown Austin
And Saturday night was dinner at Nino's
Kyle and John will miss Ryan's presence in Austin
And Ryan with her proud parents
The two graduates at Nino's patio
Myra's colors were impressive.
Robert and Debbie with the two girls
And a very proud Mom with her two accomplished ladies

Here are links to short movies of Ryan crossing the stage at graduation. Both are set to "stream", but you can download them if you want to. They are the same, but the "avi" file is for Windows-lovers who don't have iTunes or Quicktime.



Three very pretty sisters.