Kirk and Erin brought our 2 granddaughters to Houston for a visit. Since Addison is only 10 weeks old, most of the family had just seen pictures. She attracted a crowd - Kyle and John came in from Austin and Jack and Jodie flew over from New Orleans.

We might as well get the important characters introduced first. Beth was 3 years old in April and is doing wonderfully well as "The Big Sister". Addison was 12 pounds, 2 ozs and 25 inches long at her 2 month checkup. She is very active and began "talking" during the visit. I guess that's because she had lots of willing adults who enjoyed talking to her.
I liked this one of Caren with Erin and Kyle.
Aunt Debbie got her time with Addison.

Beth graduated to Blowfish level at her swimming lessons. She showed us all her skills. In fact, check out this movie.
Addison enjoyed her first dip.
Lexi and Deuce enjoyed the pool activity.
The 4 sisters on their way to get their nails done.
Robert with Addison
And swinging Beth on the swing set her Grandma used as a child.
Beth and her Aunt Myra "lookin' good"!!!!!!
And Myra with Addison. They took lots of naps together.
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Updated August 1, 2007