Debra has worked with Brandon Poynter since 2002. She found out he was a WWII airplane buff and mentioned that her Dad was a pilot. But Brandon turned out to be a serious history buff and became enchanted with Robert's story.

To express his appreciation to Robert, Brandon and his wife, Karen, hosted a party at their home on March 20, 2004, to honor Robert. At this party, Brandon unveiled a model of Robert's plane that he had built and will maintain in his museum at his home.

Brandon shared this story with us all as he presented the model:

On his 28th mission (the plane's 91st), Robert's squadron came under heavy artillery and flak attack over Germany. His plane was severely damaged (and his ball turret gunner seriously wounded), yet the 24-year-old pilot managed for 8.5 hours to keep it going and was the only plane to return safely to the base in England where the squadron was based.

I hope the following pictures do justice to what was an exciting night.


The limo stopped by for Myra and Ryan
Robert with Ryan and the Henrys in the limo.
Robert exiting the limo.
Robert and Marge
Blaine, Brandon and Robert prepare to unveil the model.
Robert studies the model.
The details are accurate.
There's even a burned out engine.
Marge, Brandon and Robert
Robert signing autographs
Two proud daughters with Dad
And 3 proud granddaughters with "Me-Paw".
Robert visits with Karen.
And Marge visits with Brandon.
And great dinner completed a fabulous evening.
Updated March 22, 2004